About NUCC

Founded by a small team of 3 industry professionals headed up by a visionary leader, that has now grown to a pool of over 1050 employees, NUCC has grown beyond its own initial expectation and continues to promotes its self through its service based philosophy , in an environment equipped to deliver success.

Having initially taken over a simple warehouse space in 1998 and transformed it into an international accredited clothing manufacturing facility. Subsequently taking over 2 more such premises and through similar process transforming them to the same international standards, New Universe Corporate Clothing today runs 3 factories in the country.

Providing employees and supply partners with stable and exceptional working environment that enables NUCC to surpass the international standards conferring to international garments industry regulations.

Our Values

NUCC are proud to have reached internationally acclaimed standards,

Awarded the world renowned WRAP (Platinum) and SEDEX (Class 01) Marks & Spencer certifications, New Universe Corporate Clothing (Pvt) Ltd. adheres to the most stringent of international quality and ethical standards in the garment manufacturing industry.  Bridging continents apart, NUCC has been an established frontline company bringing the best of the historic garment manufacturing from Sri Lanka to its now global partners and providing them with top end finished garments and sourcing.

Today NUCC also contributes in the country’s foreign currency exchange which helps uplift the economy of the country through its foreign transactions.

Our Key Team


Amindra William

Group Managing Director