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We are proud to be associated with some premiere labels across Europe providing our manufacturing expertise to their own brands, from traditional and formal shirting through to the more fashion conscious labels working in partnership provides a supply chain that’s flexible and consistent.


Our Capability in shirts and blouses is endless; many of the major companies across the UK and into Europe are wearing a New Universe manufactured shirt. Corporate designed identity is one of our largest sectors of manufacturing; we listen to your needs, the design ideas and fabric choices then put them together into a garment befitting the company’s image.

School wear

Another area of significant expertise, many schools sti l l require a traditional uniform, together with our partners we provide a timely and workable solution to the demands of the academic calendar.


This is where New Universe leads the way and our quality and experience shows through. As a key provider to some of the industry’s leading suppliers, our desire to demonstrate the benefits we can offer allow us to keep ahead of our competition.

The first impression of the care professional is a vital part of the health care system. From a small specialist practice to a large hospital, everyone has their own needs. New Universe has the solutions.

Tunics / Dresses / Scrub suits / Trousers / Gowns


Possibly one of the most complex of markets we serve, with demands ranging from basic trousers, shirts and coveralls, to more complex issues of personal protective equipment. Where special needs and features can include Fire retardant fabrics, approved designs, anti-static and chemical protection or any combination!

New Universe can provide assistance in the choice of fabrics, design and the manufacturing process. Combining this with our partners own expertise brings the best possible solution. Supported by the leading fabric, trim and test houses, the possibilities for a viable solution to a specific requirement are as diverse as the environment’s in which they will be used.

Trousers – Uniform, Action and Combat styling / Coveralls / Jackets and warehouse coats

food & hospitality

From a small but exclusive restaurant, to event catering giants, uniforms depict that vital first impression. Whether it’s behind the scenes in a hot busy kitchen, the front of house in a grand Hotel, a local bar or multi location fast food chain, everyone desires to portray their chosen image as part of their attraction or brand awareness. New Universe can assist by providing garments to suit the feel and image required.

Food manufacturing is governed by strict legislation, as a result the garments worn in the industry have been developed to match or exceed those requirements, with a wealth of industry experience New Universe can provide the assistance and advice to ensure that the garments are both practical and comfortable.

Chefs wear / Aprons / Food trade coats and trousers / Hygiene garments / Bar Shirts and Blouses

salon & therapy

An image conscious market place from leading spas to smaller salons and traditional hair dressers. An important part of their image and working tools are the clothes they wear. Practical and ease of use, while remaining smart and comfortable enough for the physical rigors of each day depends on the design of garment and the fabrics used. With years of experience New Universe can provide a bespoke solution to enhance both the image and practicality of the uniform and garments worn in this growing industry.

Salon Tunics – Wrap over, Zip or button fastening / Trousers – Fashion ft, Crop, traditional / Polo’s and leisure wear

leisure wear

Covering the full range of leisure wear garments in a vast range of fabric compositions and weights, New Universe can offer everything you and your customer requires

Polo’s / Sweats / T-shirts / Hoodies / Jog pants / Custom designs

softshells, fleece & outerwear

New Universe believes that if the requirements are for a quicker more practical solution then we can provide a high quality personal alternative to the nameless volume driven factories! Today we see these practical garments as a solution to a particular uniform requirement. Not only as their comfort and ease of use appeal to the wearers, but with the bonus of being easily made into corporate wear, with added design features or contrast colours, giving them there unique corporate identity.

The traditional fleece jacket offers warmth and comfort and can adapt to the season by use of lighter or heavier weight fabrics. More recently the soft shell or bonded fleece has allowed even greater flexibility in design and features as well as performance. Bonded fleece can include water resistant laminates and wind protection in a relatively lightweight jacket.

Jackets – Padded or standard lined / Blouson styles / Hi Vis and Taped seams / Body warmers and Gilets / Over shirts, and half zip


Another vital component in any corporate, school or security uniform is a comprehensive range of quality knitwear, from a simple but effective V Neck sweater in a plain knit, to bespoke corporate designed uniform garment that completes the image and compliments the chosen look! It’s vital in corporate and School environments that knitwear can be machine washed; allowing them to be kept pristine simply and effectively, our range of Merino Wool, Wool Mixes and 100% acrylic can all be safely washed without fear.

Manufacturing standards are in keeping with ISO 9000 and the factory is certified by SGS and conforms to both “Garments without Guilt” and “Ethical Clothing.


Fashion is part of our culture, and it's about more than just a pretty dress.

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